Partnering in Innovation - Improving Lives

The Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation (PLFA) was established as part of the global entrepreneurial vision of Patrick Drahi and his children, who believe business success entails the responsibility to give back and create opportunities for others. PLFA has chosen to focus on Science & Education, Israel & the Jewish People, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and the Arts. The Drahis aim to share the fruits of their success with the community wherever the family has its roots or business activities, taking part in projects based in Israel, Portugal, Switzerland, France and the USA.


Giving Back to the Community

  • We only join novel, original projects.
  • Our projects benefit large numbers of people.
  • Our projects have a major potential global impact.
  • Our projects are not politically oriented.

Global Impact

  • 39 Projects
  • 5 Countries
  • 250,000 Participating Students

    • i24NEWS
    • Center for Research & Innovation, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem
    • Drahi NEQST Innovation Building, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    • Beresheet 2 Space Program
    • Tower of David, Jerusalem
    • CTIE Center for Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Católica Lisbon
    • EPFL – École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
    • Nobel Collection for Young Minds, Frontiers
    • Zermatt Music Festival & Academy, Zermatt
    • CICAD – Shining a Light Against Antisemitism, Worldwide
    • Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT)
    • Drahi X-Novation Center, Institut Polytechnique de Paris
    • Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT)
    • Centre Culturel Patrick and Lina Drahi, Paris
    • i24NEWS – Israel Business Weekly
    • itrek – Informing Rising Leaders

Success Stories

“Keshet Eilon is a very special place that allows musicians from the whole world to express and develop themselves at the highest possible level. Thanks to Keshet Eilon I can play an extraordinary violin, participate in the classes of the greatest teachers on Earth, and meet friends who are all in this field. In short, to me, this is home.”

Sophie Rochlin

Keshet Eilon

Alexander Siedes

The Hive by Gvahim

“Thanks to the Patrick & Lina Drahi Foundation, the Zermatt Festival is able to invite 30 young musicians of the highest calibre each year to study with the Scharoun Ensemble of the Berlin Philharmonic and to give concerts with them during 10 days of intense musical activity.”

Patrick Peikert

Zermatt Festival

Our Collaborations

The Benefactors

We Believe in Preserving the Past and Shaping the Future

Patrick Drahi was born in Casablanca, Morocco, to parents who were both math teachers and descendants of Portuguese Jews expelled during the Inquisition. At 15, he and his family moved to France, where he studied engineering at the Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom, in Paris. He built his business in the telecom and media industry, and later foraged into the world of art and luxury. Patrick Drahi and his children established the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation, in honor of their family, to promote and boost innovation, education, and entrepreneurship. In 2021, his daughter Angelina moved to Israel to help run the Foundation. The family supports diverse programs in Switzerland, France, Portugal, Israel, and the USA, enriching the communities they are part of in their personal and business lives.