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Beresheet 2 Space Program


International Cooperation

Building on the momentum of the mission, PLFA and Space IL are developing an international education project that will: Build a transnational community of young people to strengthen the ties between varying countries.   Spread universal values of peace and tolerance and share a message of common responsibility for the earth, life and humankind based on the “knowledge of reason” and the lunar mission narrative.   Teach the scientific language and the search for truth. Transmit knowledge for the youth to be able to distinguish the truth from a belief and an opinion in the greatest respect of cultures and religions . 

Challenge and Inspiration

We are devoted to inspiring the next generation of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and dreamers all over the world, through innovative and challenging deep-space missions. Beresheet 2’s global educational activities will double the number of scientific and educational experiments on the moon's surface. In addition, it will send a strong message about raising the bar, working together, and illustrating the vital role of science and technology.