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CTIE Center for Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Católica Lisbon, Portugal

Academic Research Excellence

The Center has submitted or published nine scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and co-organized the Digital Economy Workshop at the school with a significant representation of researchers from the Tel Aviv University. Celine Abecassis-Moedas, Associate Professor, Founder & Academic Director, Center of Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Catolica Lisbon University School of Business and Economy, published a book on “O papel do design na inovaçao”.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

CTIE was chosen out of over 30 applications and granted the 2019 Women Entrepreneurship Award (WEA). This event included media coverage and the participation of 12 distinguished jury members. In recognition of its work over the last few years, CTIE was invited to join the board of Startup Lisboa, Portugal's best known and most active accelerator.