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Verein Musikdorf Ernen

Ernen, Switzerland

Sorry, Beethoven

In 2020 the classical music world was dominated by a special birthday—Beethoven’s 250th. Ever since this immortal figure put quill to paper, his music has inspired, awe, respect, and terror in the composers who followed him. Many of his works and achievements enjoy unparalleled popularity and acceptance. Ludwig van Beethoven has always been a regular and welcome guest in Musikdorf Ernen. But not so, for the year 2020... For the 47th concert season in this big anniversary year, the little Valais mountain village resisted and declared itself an (almost) Beethoven-free zone, with his music all but banished from the concerts. Ernen was a safe place for those exhausted by his anniversary! But perhaps, lurking in the shadows, one might also have discovered new perspectives on him. Furthermore, Ernen offers literature courses and literary events.

About the Future

As the Festival's organizers prepare for another exciting season in 2022, they remain grateful for the support PLFA has offered in the past years.